What is Big Like?

Big Like is a suite of applications that you install on your Facebook Business Page. They're designed to help you leverage Facebook's powerful social marketing features to increase traffic.

Coupon City

Easily offer and publish coupons to your Facebook Fans

Super Sweepstakes

Powerful sweepstakes platform to generate lots of Likes

Form Smith

Simple contact form and basic information page

Staff Profiles

Publish staff biographies to connect on a personal level

Better Events Calendar

Improved calendar view for your Facebook events

Capture customer leads with QR Codes & mobile-mini sites

Easily collect customer emails, Likes, and more

QR Codes & Mini-Sites are automatically generated
No setup, coding, or design required

Just print the QR Code and post it onsite to start driving traffic to your Facebook Page

All accounts include a 1 month free trial!

  • Yearly price

  • Access to all apps

  • One month free trial

  • Likes

  • Pages

  • White label

  • Piority support


$9.99 per month

  • $99.99 save 15%

  • 1,500

  • 1




$49.99 per month

  • $499.99 save 15%

  • 25,000

  • Unlimited



  • Custom

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

5 Essentials for a Successful Restaurant Facebook Page

Facebook can be a restaurant's worst enemy but if used correctly, a restaurant's best friend. With any kind of business on Facebook, brand management and customer interaction should be the focus of your presence. Here are 5 things you can do as a restaurant to make sure you're making the most out of your time on Facebook.

The Right Way To Offer A Coupon On Facebook

There are countless ways to leverage Facebook to engage customers. While much of the focus is on personalizing the buying experience and encouraging the socialization of purchases, one of the most simple and timeless methods of marketing is frequently overlooked. I'm talking about coupons.